About the book Extortionware

Set in a typical American city Hacker Jason, a talented computer programmer, is thrown into captivity with Tasha, a woman caught in the snare of human sex trafficking from the darkest part of the internet, where antivirus efforts and firewalls are shown to be ineffective and useless. Together they must invade computers remotely to steal what they can, to satisfy their captors. Together they embark on an unparalleled journey involving extortion, theft and violence using the same connection you use for your home and personal communications.

 About the Author

tripAuthor Trip Elix brings you along for a ride into the dark side of the internet exploring the very places, nightmares are made of. Extortionware will entertain and enlighten anyone in many of the tactics used by hackers today.

 Trip has spent over 30 years in the world of computers, he was on the internet the second day it was open to the public. He is a former hacker, programmer, experimenter, administrator and security critic. He has attended many of the meeting of the computer underground movements.  His passions for writing have evolved from his first published co-authored book, at age 14.

Over the years Trip has authored several newspaper articles and has acted as a technology adviser to professional journalists


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