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Entertaining, sometimes provocative, always interesting and interactive, Trip Elix speaks on a variety of topics.

Secure Yourself


There are scams, viruses and hackers making the news every day. You don’t have to live in fear or crawl under a rock to live safely. Trip lets you know
like it is and gives you the tools and insights to protect yourself and your family.


A Firewall is not enough


There are over a half million new types of malware created each day. Your antivirus does not catch them all, worse most firewalls let anything though. There are things you can do to secure even the most basic network without a full time person on site that won’t cost you a fortune.


How to manipulate the system


Imagine giving your child the ultimate advantage. Systems all around us are tracking what we do and your children are being tracked. Learn what hackers know, make your child be the one that future employers and collages will pick. How to groom a social profile any college would want and to protect your child’s data from being sold.

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