Consultant, coder, author, experimenter, security analyst, mechanic, carpenter, humorist and public speaker 
Think Wile E Coyote without the explosives….

More than your ISP is spying on you.


Trip Elix has worked as an investigator and associated with business leaders along with the computer underground. He has been a computer forensic technician; security consultant, administrator, programmer, and system analyst, who has used or owned almost every version of every operating system used since the 1980’s. He currently attends security conferences held by the computer underground including Defcon, Hope, and Bsides.

In 2015, Trip entered the public speaking arena on a part-time basis. After which, he authored his second book “A Right to Property, it’s your information.” His unique experiences and stories have captivated audiences in small gatherings and on larger stages.

Award Winning Speaker

In 2016, Trip was the recipient of an award from the prestigious Toastmasters International, after joining and giving a speech in competition six weeks later. He is a natural storyteller, genuinely likable and always using humor making his talks unforgettable.

Acclaimed Author

Trip Elix is not only a recognized speaker; he is also the author of the most read hacker novel in the computer underground. Extortionware a hackers tale. It was his first novel written to explain hackers to anyone interested. He has authored three books and countless opinion articles. If you need help with publishing your book Just ASK. 



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Corporations are illegally spying on all of us.

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I believe that your name is your property, the information about you for sale on the internet was stolen. Together we make the internet by the people for the people and get rid of big corporate spying once and forever.

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