Target the Target – Credit Card Thieves


The banking industry has an issue.

Over Christmas, as you must be aware by now, Target was the target of credit card thieves. This time it wasn’t directly the card readers like at Boarder books or the fault of any particular clearing house like Global Payments.

No one personally lost any money.

According to several news sources no one personally has lost money from the Target breach, just like the Saudi back breach where Hackers imprinted magnetic cards and pulled over 45 million from New York City ATM'S.

Where the deception begins.

The history of banks watching over our best interest is pitiful but extremely profitable. The deception begins with keeping your money through direct deposit. No the banks doesn’t want to save the cost of processing checks for many people they charge for that too. It actually wants as much time as can get with your money. Then if it does its job right it pays you nothing each month and keeps all the interest it gains.

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Password Safety Tips to Protect Yourself Online

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="630"] worst passwords of 2013[/caption] Most people only use a few passwords for everything.  Many people use words they remember even their children’s names which can be simple to guessed living in the days of Facebook.  One of the big problems with passwords on the internet, many web sites use email as a way to reset passwords.  The fundamental issue with this is that if you lose control of your email, you potentially lose control of everything.  It is kind of leaving your checkbook or credit card laying on the car seat and park on any busy parking lot. Follow these password safety tips to make sure this doesn't happen to you!

The multiple email account option

One school of thought for password safety is to use separate email accounts.  One account is the personal stuff account that you never give to family friends, it is for just utilities and banks. Make that the new one keep the old one for everyone you know and Facebook and any other web site that lacks real security. You may want to get a third or fourth for junk mail.  I have a separate account for spam or what I know will be junk mail , sites that force you to surrender your email address.  I use it when I have to “join” some site to look at something and they need my email address.

Tips for setting up multiple accounts

Anyone can get a new email address on a number of sites for free Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and a host of others allow anyone to have an email account for free.  Be sure not to link this account to any other email address or you will be defeating the purpose. The personal stuff email address should not be your name either, you should make up a random string of letters and numbers to be your email address.  Then change your accounts with the water, electric and credit cards to the new email account.

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