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Month: February 2014

The banking industry has an issue. Over Christmas, as you must be aware by now, Target was the target of credit card thieves. This time it wasn’t directly the card readers like at Boarder books or the fault of any particular clearing house like Global Payments. No one personally lost any money. According to several news …

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Most people only use a few passwords for everything.  Many people use words they remember even their children’s names which can be simple to guessed living in the days of Facebook.  One of the big problems with passwords on the internet, many web sites use email as a way to reset passwords.  The fundamental issue …

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Remember when your computer used to get infected with a virus and it would delete all your information? Frantically, you tried to find someone with enough computer savvy to help you remove the pesky thing. Ah yes, the good old days! “Good old days” you say? Yes, good, because back then, most spyware, malware and viruses …

It’s Not Your Mother’s MalwareRead More »

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