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Month: April 2015

Being an author is a lot of work.  One of the biggest lessons I had to learn is how to create a brand. This is missed by most authors.  It is indeed a long process and a step not to be missed. I would like to personally thank Greenleaf publishing.  I went to the Author …

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Everywhere you look on the web, there are companies selling personal information. The popular belief is that records coming from government sources are public information. Your name is not public, it never has been. The information coming from government sources are publicly disclosable which carry a totally different meaning. Most of the material on the …

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Forum: Technology can help reduce cost of tolls at Connecticut borders By Trip Elix POSTED: 03/17/15, 5:22 PM EDT | Politicians have been grappling with introducing tolls on interstates that cross though Connecticut for some time. Each time new forms of revenue for the state coffers is explored it ends up costing taxpayers more money. Technology, …

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