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Security is not a position within your organization it is a group effort. Everyone must understand the risks and how to report problems. Having viruses is not a inconvenience it can be devastating, turn the machine off NOW then call for support.



How vulnerable is your network to attack? Do you have a inventory of devices? Does your tech team even know what to look for? A you really happy with your current consulting agreement?



Most organizations have no real disaster plan in place. It is important for the viability of any organization to plan on what-if and create a operation plan that works. if your systems go down can your business still operate?

I can teach your team to be proactive. Are you calling your consulting support partner or or they calling you?

Businesses are increasingly undertaking network infrastructure initiatives to improve efficiencies and lower costs. Leaders require IT professionals to help drive and support goals related to storage, virtualization, Unified Communications and security.

I offer you a proven track record of success in delivering network infrastructure , lower costs and implementing open source reliable solutions.  My research and insight into the implementation schedules of network infrastructure projects reveal the criticality of securing the right skills to support your business goals—on time and within budget.

Most companies have been hacked and it is not an easy task to rid a network of a skilled hacker.  Worse most so called computer service companies employ equates to screen door security.  Just having a simple firewall and antivirus package is equivalent to putting a deadbolt on a screen door. It won’t keep anyone away, who wants in. at any time.  Find out in just a single meeting what you can achieve.

There are steps that are affordable that your business can take.

Professional network monitoring is recommend by any organization of 10 or more… 


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