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Do not fall for the myths. Privacy is not over, companies routinely steal your information then display it on websites that have no contact information. In an attempt to make it impossible to remove it. Your name is not public information either, no one has the right to expose anything about you without your permission.




About the book A Right to Property

 The erosion of privacy within our lives is at a cross roads. Many of us have given up hope and feel helpless to our own government and the various corporations that are monitoring our every move. We have become so complacent that many of us do not trust the very devices that we use every day. There are a number of general misconceptions within society that are explained within the book. You are not powerless to the forces that are monitoring us. Most of the companies that exist that are selling our information, have stolen it. The so called agreements that you have been forced into and blindly accepted are unenforceable. Sharing is not selling which is what is happening to all of us to fuel a multi-billion dollar a year industry. Discover how it came to be and what steps you can take to control your own information. It is your choice to make a change or continue to be exploited.

About the author

Trip Elix brings you a timely and insightful resource to not be taken lightly.  He has spent many years around the legal field and understands what is needed to change the landscape of our perversion of our privacy.

 Trip has spent over 30 years in the world of computers, he was on the internet the second day it was open to the public. He is a programmer, experimenter, administrator and security critic. He has attended many of the meeting of the computer underground movements.  His passions for writing have evolved from his first published co-authored book, at age 14.

Over the years Trip has authored several newspaper articles and has acted as a technology adviser to professional journalists currently publishing in regional newspapers


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