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I always wanted to be a storyteller, it started in my youth. It wasn’t until I was much older that I had the time to write or the experience to write about. I worked around the security realm, at the same time I found love and tragedy, all of which made me into the person that I am today.

I wrote my first novel in 2014, it was quite an expensive learning experience. Many dream of getting an agent and getting their work published. I followed that path at first, then after several setbacks, I stumbled into a conference held by Greenleaf Book Group, located in Austin, Texas. While I did not use their service, the impact they made on me was life-changing. I would still highly recommend them. I have since written two nonfiction books and I am working on a new novel. I have been promoting my stories using publicity ever since. It was a separate learning curve, and it is just as important as the creative process.  I have been featured in magazines and written op-ed pieces.
My work has been quoted in national newspapers. I have been on television and been interviewed on radio and podcasts. I liked that so much, I created my own podcast, Create w/ Trip Elix.  I also make videos, create animations, and have been doing my own videos posting them on youtube and other services on the internet.

Former Media Appearances

The Covid pandemic fostered a boom for social media. The elections of 2020 and its build-up, caused people to flock online for information. Many do not believe in major media nor its barrage of disinformation. The term fake news became mainstream and many news organizations became merely propaganda outlets. 

 I experimented in building groups on social media during this period. The subsequent purge of the President of the United States resulted in millions of people leaving the silos of Twitter and Facebook. As a result, the groups were moved to both encrypted platforms on Telegram, Signal, and the decentralized social networks. 

Lately I have been concentrating on building online training courses. 

Research is often talked about, yet, so many do not understand how it’s done.  The internet contains traps, dis-information. There are bad actors conning the public using websites with fake posts, disinformation, and outright lies devised to confuse and mislead the reader. People sharing these messages legitimize some of the false messages.  While the internet titans have shown that they can not be trusted, we do have options. There are methods of communication that are secure. Some of these methods I regularly share with my members.

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