Gaining followers On Social Media

The question, though, is why do you want an audience? What will it give to you, and more importantly, what will those that follow you get out of the arrangement.
I can give you my recipe on the twitter platform; it’s not complicated.

rethinking the police

Rethinking The Police

Dee and Trip talk on this live event about the giant defund the police movement and perhaps its time to talk about what is behind the movement itself it may not be what you expect call-in lines will be open

Ghislaine Maxwell

Ghislaine Maxwell

Dee and Trip talk on this live event about the future Killing of Ghislaine Maxwell. Not since J Edgar Hoover has there been such a high profile witness join us friday 7/17/2020 9pm est

Tiktok Parler and Bots

Tiktok Parler and Bots Tiktok may soon be banned in the United States shortly after India bans it. As many flock over to Parler from twitter there are things you should know and what about the use of bots


The media talks down self-reliance but let’s celebrate those to stand up for themselves ?¬† Lizzy and Trip talk about people standing up to thugs

Internet Decency vs The American People

Who would have thought that an act against porn would have created mass censorship Lizzy and trip talk about Trump’s executive order on SEC 230 and other events during the week

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