An unethical Artificial Intelligence Program is Running on the internet

It has 1 job

Entrap Humans

What Is Happening:

A group of prolific spammers is reposting phishing links to unsuspecting users of social media. In an apparent elaborate effort to sway political opinion globally and targeting the unaware and the mentally ill in a clickbait scheme. 

Creates Account

An AI instance creates a fake human profile on Twitter. It downloads images of people without permission and uses them to fool humans.

Posts Spam

The spam is variations of old news stories and extremist political views, promoting racism and turmoil globally.  It also has a bizarre thing with hammers, knives, guns, and explosives.

Contacts Humans

The machine account follows human accounts and mentions them in messages  in an attempt to trick the human into believing it is a real person. 

There Are 4 Types of Accounts On Social Media.

  • Accounts that have been created by humans and used by only humans.
  • Accounts that have been created by humans that have computer programs, that  post replies and other automated tasks.
  • Automated accounts that have humans interact with other humans to mask the intention. These are referred to as cyborg accounts to trick algorithms (programs) from detecting that that it is automated. These are part robot, part human, however when it is created to defraud humanity it is referred to a robot controlled account, or simply a bot.
  • AI generated accounts exist only to commit fraud, and to fool humans into reacting at the bequest of its programmers. These are dangerous bots with hidden agendas  spreading fake news, propaganda, and manipulating humanity.

Imagine one individual controlling what thousands of people should believe as important or reasonable. Most would call that marketing unless it was done for a political ideology. How about mass stock manipulation and what happened to bitcoin? Where do you think the media push over the (Wuhan China Virus) came from? Because of the mental isolation that is brought to social media, its users are all vulnerable to spreading and consuming propaganda.

Do you want to be controlled by machines?