Target the Target – Credit Card Thieves


The banking industry has an issue.

Over Christmas, as you must be aware by now, Target was the target of credit card thieves. This time it wasn’t directly the card readers like at Boarder books or the fault of any particular clearing house like Global Payments.

No one personally lost any money.

According to several news sources no one personally has lost money from the Target breach, just like the Saudi back breach where Hackers imprinted magnetic cards and pulled over 45 million from New York City ATM'S.

Where the deception begins.

The history of banks watching over our best interest is pitiful but extremely profitable. The deception begins with keeping your money through direct deposit. No the banks doesn’t want to save the cost of processing checks for many people they charge for that too. It actually wants as much time as can get with your money. Then if it does its job right it pays you nothing each month and keeps all the interest it gains.

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