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The Consumer Credit Bill of Rights We the people of the United States are guaranteed by our Constitution a number of Rights. The right to pursue happiness is chief among them. Our nation has allowed the bank and credit industries to intervene in our daily lives. As a society, we are required to adhere to …

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POSTED: 10/30/14, 10:18 PM EDT |   Recently, while out dining with the first lady, President Obama got reacquainted with the security battle impacting American consumers when his credit card was flatly denied. The awkward moment served to illustrate that even the most powerful man in the world is vulnerable to the weaknesses of the credit …

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Nearly every day it seems, there is a breaking story on the news about computer hacking or people losing their identity. Sadly, most of the time, no one really explains what you should do in order to protect your own security. The companies that charge money to watch over your credit, offer many things that …

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  A new way of tricking people into iTunes identity theft was discovered recently. It is targeting users of iTunes and looks completely official however it is really a scam. The email contains a graphic from Apple that notifies the user that their account is going to expire. iTunes users beware of this iTunes identity …

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The banking industry has an issue. Over Christmas, as you must be aware by now, Target was the target of credit card thieves. This time it wasn’t directly the card readers like at Boarder books or the fault of any particular clearing house like Global Payments. No one personally lost any money. According to several news …

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