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There is a battle raging over the connection you have to the internet. It has pitted taxation and overly zealous politicians between corporate power and those that decide the welfare of society.  It was dubbed Net Neutrality but the fight over your data is in the forefront, the connection speed, in reality, is just a …

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The Consumer Credit Bill of Rights We the people of the United States are guaranteed by our Constitution a number of Rights. The right to pursue happiness is chief among them. Our nation has allowed the bank and credit industries to intervene in our daily lives. As a society, we are required to adhere to …

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By Trip Elix By 2018, the market estimate for cell phone and tablet applications is expected to be over 17 billion dollars. While most of the industry is being developed by small entrepreneurs, there is a significant inflow of money to those in the information brokerage business writing spyware, a growing development that should concern …

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By Trip Elix The active myth within society is that information is being collected just for marketing. It may completely come to a surprise to you to understand that seemingly benevolent companies are actively spying on the American public. While it is true that some of the information gathered is used in marketing, a more …

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It used to be the computer that was an important thing to sell. More often than not, retailers and manufactures are finding that selling your actions, is much more profitable. Software used to be an enticement when choosing a new computer. A few years ago it wasn’t only the operating system that was important. What …

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Everywhere you look on the web, there are companies selling personal information. The popular belief is that records coming from government sources are public information. Your name is not public, it never has been. The information coming from government sources are publicly disclosable which carry a totally different meaning. Most of the material on the …

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