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There are a lot of people who don’t understand what artificial intelligence means, let alone what it means for humanity. In the simplest of terms, it is the process of duplicating human decision making processes by the use of machines. Artificial intelligence is a multi-sided research effort into machine learning, including emotional and intellectual intelligence. …

Artificial intelligence, parlor tricks, and morality.Read More »

There is a battle raging over the connection you have to the internet. It has pitted taxation and overly zealous politicians between corporate power and those that decide the welfare of society.  It was dubbed Net Neutrality but the fight over your data is in the forefront, the connection speed, in reality, is just a …

Politics, the internet and Net NeutralityRead More »

A warning to advocates and targeting individual actions Our democracy has dissent at its core.  Those that advocate opinions that are at odds to the status quo are essential to our way of life. Civil rights, gun rights, tax policy, pollution, global warming, abortion rights and gay rights, just to name a few, all have advocates. …

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All around you data collection exists. You don’t even need to have a cell phone or use a computer. Credit card merchants and credit reporting companies sell your buying habits to anyone. Your local grocery store and drug stores track your purchases through loyalty programs. Data brokers buy information and sell it openly to criminals …

Data thieves some call them data brokersRead More »

By Trip Elix The active myth within society is that information is being collected just for marketing. It may completely come to a surprise to you to understand that seemingly benevolent companies are actively spying on the American public. While it is true that some of the information gathered is used in marketing, a more …

Who Is Spying On You and WhyRead More »

Data brokers and your Child’s information by Trip Elix The high school graduation classes of 2015 denoted a very special group of students. It is not a secret that data is collected on millions of Americans. In the era of big data, this class represents the first class to be tracked completely though the high …

Data brokers and your Child's informationRead More »

It used to be the computer that was an important thing to sell. More often than not, retailers and manufactures are finding that selling your actions, is much more profitable. Software used to be an enticement when choosing a new computer. A few years ago it wasn’t only the operating system that was important. What …

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Many people have no idea that their information is being tracked and recorded. Data brokers and the mailing list industry are very interested in, who you are and what you do. Data brokers if you have never heard of them are companies that buy and sell information about all of us. Everyone living in the …

The importance of disrupting your dataRead More »

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