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Passwords don’t have to be a burden. Here’s how I overcome the workload and the traps. Perhaps these few easy steps will help you, too.  All of us struggle with passwords and the false promises made with biometrics doesn’t seem to be much of a shortcut.  When it comes to creating one, I find just …

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There are a lot of people who don’t understand what artificial intelligence means, let alone what it means for humanity. In the simplest of terms, it is the process of duplicating human decision making processes by the use of machines. Artificial intelligence is a multi-sided research effort into machine learning, including emotional and intellectual intelligence. …

Artificial intelligence, parlor tricks, and morality.Read More »

There is a battle raging over the connection you have to the internet. It has pitted taxation and overly zealous politicians between corporate power and those that decide the welfare of society.  It was dubbed Net Neutrality but the fight over your data is in the forefront, the connection speed, in reality, is just a …

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By Trip Elix Too often this is the case. Viruses and malware are everywhere. Worse today encryption and ransomware threats are running rapidly on the internet. All of these infections either destroy or turn your most important pictures and tax files into things less useless than runny scrambled eggs. Shut down the computer. Don’t answer …

Your Device is infected now what?Read More »

Recently I had a conversation with someone I know very well. He is very passionate about one of the political subjects facing our country. While many of us have turned away from traditional media and to the internet for news, there is something else you should realize that is going on around us. I tried …

Censorship just not the way you recognize it.Read More »

By Trip Elix Did you know that data brokers openly sell the home address to our police and military personnel? Recently in the news military families experienced direct threats to their lives though several social networks. The accounts from Twitter and Facebook were used to send threatening messages. Messages posted on Facebook stated “We know …

Data brokers a threat to national securityRead More »

North Pole-Elves have confirmed that hackers have compromised the database that Santa uses to keep track of who is naughty or nice.  The resulting hack caused a brief delay in processing and after restoring information from the backup system, all systems were normal and worked properly for delivery. Lead Elf Ernest stated in a press …

Santa survives hackers but data brokers still own you.Read More »

Sony has been hacked several times. Its latest embarrassment is directed at itself and is just one more example of the lack of security on the internet. You might just wonder why that can be. Everyone knows the internet is plagued by viruses and malware. Hackers have stolen millions of credit card numbers and set …

Asleep at the switch: why so many sites get hackedRead More »

Many people are familiar with connecting to a Wi-Fi hot spot. Our phones, tablets and wi-fi security computers  all have Wi-Fi ability, and we have been told that (encryption) is what makes us safe. Many don’t understand that open Wi-Fi is dangerous; they blindly connect their devices and go about looking for a date or checking …

wi-fi Security is for everyoneRead More »

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