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There is a battle raging over the connection you have to the internet. It has pitted taxation and overly zealous politicians between corporate power and those that decide the welfare of society.  It was dubbed Net Neutrality but the fight over your data is in the forefront, the connection speed, in reality, is just a …

Politics, the internet and Net NeutralityRead More »

The Consumer Credit Bill of Rights We the people of the United States are guaranteed by our Constitution a number of Rights. The right to pursue happiness is chief among them. Our nation has allowed the bank and credit industries to intervene in our daily lives. As a society, we are required to adhere to …

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For years our election cycles have been stuck in the mire of corporate influence. Both Senate and House members spend a considerable amount of time each week raising campaign funds. Thus, congress is hooked on your data. Your representatives spend considerable time each week cold calling for donations to their campaigns. That is not what …

What Identity Theft and Term Limits have in CommonRead More »

By Trip Elix Too often this is the case. Viruses and malware are everywhere. Worse today encryption and ransomware threats are running rapidly on the internet. All of these infections either destroy or turn your most important pictures and tax files into things less useless than runny scrambled eggs. Shut down the computer. Don’t answer …

Your Device is infected now what?Read More »

By Trip Elix By 2018, the market estimate for cell phone and tablet applications is expected to be over 17 billion dollars. While most of the industry is being developed by small entrepreneurs, there is a significant inflow of money to those in the information brokerage business writing spyware, a growing development that should concern …

The sad and unjust truth about spywareRead More »

A warning to advocates and targeting individual actions Our democracy has dissent at its core.  Those that advocate opinions that are at odds to the status quo are essential to our way of life. Civil rights, gun rights, tax policy, pollution, global warming, abortion rights and gay rights, just to name a few, all have advocates. …

A warning to advocates and targeting individual actionsRead More »

Recently I had a conversation with someone I know very well. He is very passionate about one of the political subjects facing our country. While many of us have turned away from traditional media and to the internet for news, there is something else you should realize that is going on around us. I tried …

Censorship just not the way you recognize it.Read More »

By Trip Elix One of the glaring problems within our society is the lack of free and easy access to criminal records. Our government courts are the creator of the majority of records used in the criminal background process.  There is not a reliable open central national database of criminal records.  This allows criminals to …

Gun background checks and criminal recordsRead More »

Who is responsible for Phishing By Trip Elix One of the misspellings of the URL to a small market newspaper website can have dire consequences. It like so many others are all over the internet. The activity is called Phishing and has many forms resulting in a monetary loss. Phishing is the activity of tricking the …

Who is responsible for PhishingRead More »

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