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By Trip Elix Too often this is the case. Viruses and malware are everywhere. Worse today encryption and ransomware threats are running rapidly on the internet. All of these infections either destroy or turn your most important pictures and tax files into things less useless than runny scrambled eggs. Shut down the computer. Don’t answer …

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It used to be the computer that was an important thing to sell. More often than not, retailers and manufactures are finding that selling your actions, is much more profitable. Software used to be an enticement when choosing a new computer. A few years ago it wasn’t only the operating system that was important. What …

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Phone fraud is on the rise and don’t fall for it.  From fake credit card offering to lower your credit rate to Microsoft calling to say you have downloaded a virus.   Many people get phone calls from scammers, what most people don’t realize is the number calling them may not be real either.   The number …

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Remember when your computer used to get infected with a virus and it would delete all your information? Frantically, you tried to find someone with enough computer savvy to help you remove the pesky thing. Ah yes, the good old days! “Good old days” you say? Yes, good, because back then, most spyware, malware and viruses …

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