Please share a few details about yourself

The information collected here will be used on the profile page created upon the publishing of your podcast. I will share a link to your page with you and it will be searchable on Google and the other search engines.

Problems with the Form?

A few people have had issues with the form not working on their devices

Getting Prepared


Don’t worry, if you are having problems just send me an email.  Wearing wired headsets are preferred over wireless, batteries often run out at unexpected times. 


Make certain to Email Trip any clips or images to be shown in the video segment before your interview. This podcast is shot in video and is highly produced. The video helps promote you and the podcast. 

Be Funny

Humor goes a long way. Life and interviews can be so serious and often boring.
People often remember and relate to others who are relaxed that are engaged in meaningful humorous  conversation.