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Thank you for checking out my podcast! I really appreciate it, and I hope that you enjoy the special guests and love what you hear! I love your comments and feedback, so if you have any, please do not hesitate to let me hear it!

If you are NEW to podcasts, here are some helpful guides on how to subscribe and some popular apps you can download to listen on the go! We will link the websites below the images!

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Podcasting is so popular that Google, Apple, and Sticher are going head to head with iHeart radio and many of the smaller pioneers.


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What is a Podcast?

Simply put: a podcast is an audio program, just like what is offered on the radio but you subscribe to it on your smartphone or other devices and listen to it wherever and whenever you like.

Many people are interested in listening simply because of the wide range of hosts and topics. Both television and radio are threatened by this ever-evolving technology.   So much so that both one of the latest radio networks and television networks are both providing programs in the format.

Podcasts are Far More than a new form of Radio

The vast majority of shows tend to be completely original content, not just repurposing the radio.

Many of the shows escape the shackles of traditional radio formats to explore brilliantly original approaches and completely niche subjects. For example:

  • They can be any length, from a 1-minute news snippet to a 3 hour or longer in-depth interview.
  • They can be any frequency, from daily to monthly. Mine is currently bi-weekly
  • They can be any format, from simple solo shows up to mammoth, multi-person dramas.
  • They can cover ANY topic, many of which would never make it onto traditional radio or community standards.

No matter what you’re into, you’ll find a show that suits the topics you love and the time you have.

Are Podcasts just Audio or is there Video?

The term Podcasts today commonly mean audio-only, even though video podcasts do exist. Joe Rogan has the largest podcast on the planet and has shows in both video and audio formats.

The video content creators on Youtube, Periscope, LinkedIn, and Twitch don’t refer to themselves as podcasters. If you have been following me for a while you would have noticed that I don’t call my video show podcasts either.

To get started (if you have never listened to a podcast before)  simply click on an icon below to download the app onto your device and  to subscribe to my show.

If you are totally not sure pick the native app for your phone for IPhone I would suggest Apple Podcasts. If you have an Android pick Google Podcasts. 

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