All around you data collection exists. You don’t even need to have a cell phone or use a computer. Credit card merchants and credit reporting companies sell your buying habits to anyone. Your local grocery store and drug stores track your purchases through loyalty programs. Data brokers buy information and sell it openly to criminals or anyone else that wants it. The police also act as mobile data collectors using license plate scanning systems. Most falsely believing information that they collect isn’t for sale, in the open market. There are also our town, city and county public workers that are unwittingly acting as data entry clerks.

Throughout the United States, personal information is widely available.  A major misconception within society is that; the American public gave permission for their personal information to be placed on-line. Actually what occurred was a systemic program of intimidation and extortion over the majority of society.

The loyalty agreements that do not fully disclose their purpose are unenforceable. 15680081_sYet most have no option once they unwittingly signup. It seems that giving permission even on websites is a one-way street. Once you give permission even to a grocery store, its agreement is then expanded to its unnamed partners.  Extortion is illegal, and it has become a way of life for most of us within society. If you want something that is at discount and you need to have a loyalty card. That is what you have been told. Information gathered under duress is not legally obtained either. The gullibility of the American public is what most businesses count on when loyalty cards and application agreements are written. These are some of the things most data brokers do not want you to know.

What is done with the information is far from the simple marketing that most perceive the information is for. There are many uses beyond stocking your favorite breakfast cereal. Data brokers use the information to shape public opinion. Politicians use the information to get elected and also to make policy decisions. This is the crux that we currently live under. Information is power and the data industry has the power to control more than what you think as simple purchasing power.

The revelations brought by Edward Snowden are about a separate data collection. The one that the government has is not using it for the manipulation of politics or that of the general public. Data brokers just take the information and use it however they wish.  The majority of what is taken from you has been stolen without your permission or knowledge.

data brokers cause identity theftData brokers are the leading contributing factor in identity theft.

For a few dollars, anyone can find out the intimate details of anyone else. Buying information from the right broker can yield basic security questions that banks and others use. Some brokers sell the home addresses of our police and our active military personnel.

There is an option that you have and you do not have to play along. A Right to Property was written with you and the internet in mind. It answers a call, to a change in privacy. It is something that regulation cannot give. There is a web site too, You do not have to continue to be taken advantage of.

Go to the website and download the Declaration of Privacy and cease and desist letters.  Mail them to the companies collecting your data and tell them you are in charge of your data. Government is to entwined with the big companies collecting information.  That is why it is important for them to pass legislation to protect the stolen pirated bounty. It is your information, it is your property.

Perhaps in the future there will be opportunities for civil legal action.