How to check childs credit report

Checking Children’s Credit


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Estimated Time: 2 hours

Difficulty: Beginner

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Trip Elix Trip Elix Author



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  1. I commend Trip Elix for developing this step-by-step course to help parents understand how their children’s personal data is routinely, and often subtly, harvested by the schools that they attend and the companies they interact with – be it something as seemingly harmless as a “Birthday Club” rewards card made available by most chain restaurants. So, where to start? Trip takes you to the starting line and then walks with you to the finish line – and along the journey he provides easy-to-customize templates for telling your child’s school “you do NOT have permission to sell my child’s personal data” or explicitly stating to large companies, such as credit agencies, that your child’s personal data absolutely can not be shared – and that directive is in place through the child’s 18th birthday. Until I listened to Trip, I never imagined the depth and breadth that children’s personal information is regularly used for identity thieves that assume the child’s information to secure a job. Yes, an inquiry with a credit agency might actually reveal that your 8 year old child has a job! Trip is an expert in personal privacy and cyber security – do yourself a favor and check out his works on Amazon, including “Protecting Kids Online” and “A Right to Privacy”. You can find his footprint on social media – and most importantly, you have found him here. As someone who owns his books, I have no hesitation in endorsing Trip’s field-leading course teaching parents the specific techniques to protect their children from ruthless corporations.

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