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You can gain a mutual following or just be followed by anyone on social media. The process is similar across platforms. The question, though, is why do you want an audience? What will it give to you, and more importantly, what will those that follow you get out of the arrangement.

I can give you my recipe on the twitter platform; it’s not complicated. It’s reciprocal with avatars, which means the image or aviator is less impactful in the judgment of value that you place on the account, unlike Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram, where the late 20’s female with a pretty face can dominate.

There are two strategies on twitter, each with pros and cons. The official twitter method dictates the same social hierarchy in that we follow and never assume that the account holder is in actuality a peer. Most of those are on display on the system with blue checkmarks next to their names. It signifies significant social importance and leadership or just Jacks’ babysitter. ( Jack Dorsey is the CEO of Twitter)

The point is they don’t follow us back, which doesn’t raise our social standing at all. The accounts with lots of followers that don’t reciprocate have a sudo social currency or elevated rank and respect. That is why thousands of high school children around the world create fake accounts, follow trains, and follow teams to create accounts that can be sold for thousands of dollars. #teamfollow is one of these. Practically every language on the system duplicates the practice. These accounts often will gain followers and follow back, then at the right moment will dump the accounts it follows, making it instantly worth lots of money. An account that has over 500k followers and is not following anyone is worth over 10 thousand dollars on the platform. Some people buy accounts and participate in the following system. The problem is without interaction or perceived commonality, these accounts will never interact, retweet, or even comment on the actions of the account holder. These are just a number that is valued to the casual observer. There is no real social standing. It is very similar to being the popular dog catcher in your own community While you are spending a vacation in a distant place. No one cares who you are. You have no portable social credibility.

These are but a few of the reasons why the twitter platform is against what I am going to disclose to you. There are methods that you can gain the attention and respect of others on the platform while gaining followers or in creating your own social credibility.

The follow-first method. The officially supported approach that is dictated by the platform and recounted all over the internet as the preferred way to behave on the platform. Simply put, you can follow other accounts, wait a period, and see if they follow you back. If they fail to reciprocate, you can unfollow them. As mentioned earlier, there are follow trains on the political left and right as well. Those high school children mentioned earlier have created automated methods (bots) to automatically follow accounts. Twitter’s AI (artificial intelligence) engine monitors activity on the platform and looks for accounts that display bot activity. Once the account is identified, the system will place restrictions on the account. Force the account to reauthenticate, do captcha puzzles, and other methods to prove that the account is indeed human. The system monitors these accounts once identified for over a month at a time from what I have observed.

The AI system monitors for repetitive actions, and the platform has modified some of the display characteristics to limit the availability of the information for the bots. It has also coincidentally affected the members of the political right in an uneven attempt to manipulate and coerce submission to unwritten platform rules.

The repetitive numbers of actions seem to be lessened somewhat by those that have been flagged by the AI system. Whereby an action by one account for example, following 31 accounts will set off a program system message, you can not follow any more accounts at this time. This system event also seems to trigger the AI monitoring system. In the past, triggering the system message 3 times caused my own account to reauthenticate. Accounts that have been targeted previously by the AI monitoring system seem to be able to only follow 10 accounts at a time to avoid the system message.

What I mean by this is simply doing one action following 20 accounts, then taking some other action like retweeting someone else tweets, commenting on a thread, participating in a conversation or two in direct message groups then follow another 20 accounts. There also seems to be a limit of 400 accounts per day, I personally don’t attempt that many in any 24 hours.

The process of following and unfollowing multiple accounts in a short time frame is called churning. It is against the policies of the Twitter platform and will cause your account to be suspended and thrown off the system. This, in my opinion, is the leading cause of suspension and the removal of long-standing twitter accounts.

You will hear over, and over that, twitter targets accounts on the right only, I see that occasionally. Most of the time, it is a failure to adhere to unwritten rules of conduct and the forces of the dark side.

part two coming soon

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