The Killing of Ghislaine Maxwell

Dee and Trip talk on this live event about the future  Killing of Ghislaine Maxwell. Not since J Edgar Hoover has there been such a high profile witness stayed alive to smear politicians. Her time is running out ​

Its almost election time if you don’t remember  what happened last time over the #mighty200 and the #voterfraud hashtag

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July 17, 2020 9 pm est


About The Hosts

Dee Brown

Dee is an professional freelance net surfer and researcher. She acts as a consultant and advisor and is available for hire. She also works as a part time first responder and EMT. She has a deep understanding of evolving conspiracies and fake news outbreaks. 


Trip Elix

Trip Elix is an author, podcaster and video personality Over the last 30 years, he has worked as a security analyst and privately as a consultant, investigator, forensic technician and a skip tracer. He is the author of three books and gives talks on security and privacy.