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Episode 51

From all the ads you would think that without one you are in danger. Most of it is hype to trick you into installing a device to track you even more thna your IsP.

Is Your Vpn Hacked

Every day Big Tech and Mass Media make it hard to find out what is going on with the internet. The suppression of information is a danger to all of us.  Social media attempts to shape news and information by over-amplification of disinformation. This podcast hope to give information and provide insights from 

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ExpressVPN CIO Helped United Arab Emirates Hack Into Phones, Computers

The chief information officer for ExpressVPN once helped the United Arab Emirates orchestrate a massive cyberspying campaign on computers across the globe.

According to the Justice Department, ExpressVPN CIO Daniel Gericke and two others worked as hackers for hire for the UAE to develop “zero-click” attacks capable of breaking into internet accounts and devices, including those in the US.

LimeVPN Backup Database Hacked

Further discussions with LimeVPN have revealed the claim of 69,000 users being affected was actually an activity log total, with the number of live user accounts closer to 800. LimeVPN also confirmed their website has not been hacked and the claim of all private keys being leaked is false. In reality, 25 WireGuard keys used for beta testing were taken. LimeVPN says, “We have reset all access credentials, shut down wire guard servers and separating our billing infra from marketing info.”

Hackers leak passwords for 500,000 Fortinet VPN accounts

A threat actor has leaked a list of almost 500,000 Fortinet VPN login names and passwords that were allegedly scraped from exploitable devices last summer.


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Trip Elix is an author, podcaster and video personality Over the last 30 years, he has worked as a security analyst and privately as a consultant, investigator, forensic technician, and skip tracer. He is the author of books and gives talks on security and privacy.

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