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Microsoft Serves Malware Slow Response Time Furthers Risks To Entire Internet

Episode 27

Microsoft’s record of abysmal response times to remove malware from its 365 one drive product, is furthering risks of malware and ransomware by allowing further infection through inaction.
Every day Big Tech and Mass Media make it hard to find out what is going on with the internet. Honey Beez and Trip Elix have unique experiences to share in an unpaired podcast experience.

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Home Ministry Proposes Ban on VPN Services: Should You Be Worried?

At the beginning of this month, the Indian Home Ministry made a startling proposal to ban VPN services such as NordVPN, ExpressVPN, etc., which sent shock waves across the digital community.

Former Microsoft Analyst: Office 365 has been knowingly hosting malware for years

Malware on Windows devices has become a real problem in recent years, specifically due to a recent increase in ransomware. It seems that Microsoft is trying to address this issue but what if Microsoft is part of the problem?

Kevin Beaumont

Before the train of MS employees arrive saying ‘just report it’, try getting them and future ones taken down yourselves. I did. It was a disaster.

Check out Microsoft’s average reaction time (to abuse reports). They’re world’s best malware hoster for about a decade, due to O365.



Large #BazarISO>#BazarLoader>#BazarBackdoor inc from /, started yesterday. Direct links to
@onedrive 98%
. Iso contains dll+lnk running dll with entrypoint “EnterDll”, your EDR might have problems detecting this, and less obvious for most users than maldocs… >

Amazon’s Zoox is expanding autonomous vehicle operations, testing to Seattle

Zoox, the autonomous vehicle startup acquired last year by Amazon, is expanding to Seattle. The company plans to open in 2022 an engineering office and operations facility, which will act as a base for its autonomous vehicle testing,

Amazon’s Zoox is expanding autonomous vehicle operations, testing to Seattle


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About The Hosts

Honey Beez

Honey Beez is a retired computer hacker, chess addict, author, and mother. Honey is an American and a New Yorker.  She has written several Children’s books and chess books as well as creating an American chess opening called The Bee Defense.

Trip Elix

Trip Elix is an author, podcaster and video personality Over the last 30 years, he has worked as a security analyst and privately as a consultant, investigator, forensic technician and a skip tracer. He is the author of three books and gives talks on security and privacy.

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