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Episode 2

Protronmail logs IP Addresses for French government targeting activists

Trip and Honey discuss tech like no one else 
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The attacker returned the loot after being offered a gig as chief security advisor with Poly Network.

A threat actor called “Mr. White Hat” has returned the $610 million they stole from the decentralized finance platform Poly Network. The breached company did everything from threaten to sic law enforcement on the attacker on up to its ultimate offer: the position of chief security officer in exchange for getting its money back

ProtonMail Logs Activist’s IP Address With Authorities After Swiss Court Order

End-to-end encrypted email service provider ProtonMail has drawn criticism after it ceded to a legal request and shared the IP address of anti-gentrification activists with law enforcement authorities, leading to their arrests in France.


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About The Hosts

Honey Beez

Honey Beez is a retired computer hacker, chess addict, author, and mother. Honey is an American and a New Yorker.  She has written several Children’s books and chess books as well as creating an American chess opening called The Bee Defense.

Trip Elix

Trip Elix is an author, podcaster and video personality Over the last 30 years, he has worked as a security analyst and privately as a consultant, investigator, forensic technician and a skip tracer. He is the author of three books and gives talks on security and privacy.

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