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Episode 67

Both Facebook and Twitter released new programs to protect one sided speech treating to deplatform those who don’t comply

Social Media Censorship Programs Developed To Shield Elites And Protect Unlawfulness

Every day Big Tech and Mass Media make it hard to find out what is going on with the internet. The suppression of information is a danger to all of us.  Social media attempts to shape news and information by over-amplification of disinformation. 

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Twitter Bans Users From Posting ‘Private Media’ Without a Person’s Consent

Twitter on Tuesday announced an expansion to its private information policy to include private media, effectively prohibiting the sharing of photos and videos without express permission from the individuals depicted in them with an aim to curb doxxing and harassment.

Meta Expands Facebook Protect Program to Activists, Journalists, Government Officials


Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook, on Thursday announced an expansion of its Facebook Protect security program to include human rights defenders, activists, journalists, and government officials who are more likely to be targeted by bad actors across its social media platforms.

2 journalists sue Andy Ngo over his online use of their videos

Two journalists have filed a lawsuit against Andy Ngo for copyright infringement. Journalists Grace Morgan and Melissa “Claudio” Lewis say that Ngo downloaded and tweeted their videos without permission. Their suit seeks damages and a permanent injunction prohibiting Ngo from posting their videos without express consent.

Revealed: Facebook allows select elites to bypass censorship rules

Facebook is accused of building a two-tier system of rules and standards around allowed content and speech: one for ordinary people, and another for the elites. At the same time, the company is under fire for misleading the public and its Oversight Board about the program that makes this possible.

Secret Twitter program fast-tracks elite users’ takedown demands


Take Twitter, for example, which just got exposed for running a secret program designed to give priority to its most prominent users, and protect them from what is perceived as attacks by “trolls and bullies.”


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