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Episode 1

Windows Easily hacked by simply plugging in a mouse or keyboard

Trip and Honey discuss tech like no one else 
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 #windows #hack #zeroday #keyboard #mouse #usb #exploit

Razer bug lets you become a Windows 10 admin by plugging in a mouse

A Razer Synapse zero-day vulnerability has been disclosed on Twitter, allowing you to gain Windows admin privileges simply by plugging in a Razer mouse or keyboard.

The SideWalk may be as dangerous as the CROSSWALK
SideWalk is a modular backdoor that can dynamically load additional modules sent from its C&C server, makes use of Google Docs as a dead drop resolver, and uses Cloudflare workers as a C&C server. It can also properly handle communication behind a proxy.

New 0-Day Attack Targeting Windows Users With Microsoft Office Documents
Microsoft on Tuesday warned of an actively exploited zero-day flaw impacting Internet Explorer that’s being used to hijack vulnerable Windows systems by leveraging weaponized Office documents.


Trip's Books

Honey's Books

About The Hosts

Honey Beez

Honey Beez is a retired computer hacker, chess addict, author, and mother. Honey is an American and a New Yorker.  She has written several Children’s books and chess books as well as creating an American chess opening called The Bee Defense.

Trip Elix

Trip Elix is an author, podcaster and video personality Over the last 30 years, he has worked as a security analyst and privately as a consultant, investigator, forensic technician and a skip tracer. He is the author of three books and gives talks on security and privacy.

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