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Paperback Special Save 20%


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Protecting Kids Online
The Internet is a dangerous place for children of every age, and most parents have no idea how to keep their children secure. It doesn’t have to be difficult, protecting kids online takes persistence, common sense and understanding how the internet works. In this book, I give parents the tools and needed information to protect their children online.

 Protecting kids online is not as difficult as many people believe.

Learn what every caregiver needs to know about keeping their children safe while using internet connected devices and how to keep your children’s confidential information out of the hands of data brokers. Those are a ruthless group of companies that will do anything to find out as much as it can about you and your children and sell the information to criminals.

In this invaluable parental guide, you’ll also discover how to leverage the internet for your child’s offline advantage and education, and learn about the pros and cons of the “Dark Net”. Along the way you will find it is easier, protecting your children online than you realize. The last thing you want to do is allow them online without your guidance. Did you know that the Xbox and the Sony PlayStation are the most used devices to watch porn than any other devices including computers and cell phones? You don’t have to allow your child’s information to be sold to brokers from their school you have a federal law right that protects children’s information did your school forget to tell you that? No child should have their real name on any device, cell phone email, computer game or system until they reach 18 years old. Trip Elix is a consultant and professional speaker on security and privacy. Protecting Kids Online! Should be read by every parent and caregiver

A Right To Property
Each day the loss of privacy seems to expand. Countless companies collect our information and sell it to the highest bidder. Your information is being stolen under the guise of privacy agreements. All of them expect that you will sit idly by and allow it to continue. Discover how it came to be and what steps can be taken to take our information back. You are not helpless, demand change. Your name is your property do not be fooled. The digital age does not mean that your information should be in virtual slavery.

A Right to Property was written to change the current landscape of information theft. It includes real steps for changing the tide against the ocean of data gathers. It comes with a real plan of actions both for yourself and for legislators.

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