Can you really trust your cell phone

HIPPA was supposed to keep your medical records private, but that not the case  

Everywhere you drive cameras are tracking your location and its for sale to anyone

TV, Satellite and internet viewing are being recorded, politicians are  interested in what you watch

Loyalty cards and restaurant cash registers are tracking what and how much you eat and drink.

Brokers will do anything to get data about your children.

The muckier world of commercial data brokers that specialize in k-12 is expanding. The companies openly traffic in sensitive information involving students “lifestyle, awkwardness, affluence, religion and ethnicity” are openly marketed to at age 13. Younger than that however marketing companies that don’t really care about affecting children sell the information to anyone for any purpose.  I personally have removed advertisements from the industry including one for the home address, phone numbers, first and last name of girls aged 4 to 11 [more…]

Treasonous Acts

United States Activity Military home addresses are for sale on the Internet. [more..]

One Broker believes it can put a price on police offices and openly sells home addresses[more..]

stalkers thieves

Stalkers and thieves can find out more than you may realize, online. [more..]

civil disobedience

Taking advantage of the systems and messing up the data and having fun in the process [more..]

Support the Privacy Bill

Modify Your Agreements

Disrupt Your Data

Support the EFF

Block Internet Spies

Legal Challenges