The anti-click brigade

Welcome one and all. For too long the information hoarders have depended on us to behave. The world of the internet is about collaboration and communication. The World Wide Web which is the part you are reading this message on, is only clickhereone part of the internet. The net is a massive place where anything is possible and it is bringing the world closer together. Wait.. if you were waiting for the, brought to you by part in that statement, you are in the wrong place.
Advertising has taken over the internet. Personally I understand why site needs advertising. It helps pay the bills and keep the connections going. Ok we get that, nothing is really free, everything costs money. Except we are being taken advantage of, and we the users of the internet have seen enough advertisements.
So for the first week of every month, I would like to see no advertisements. Just 7 days starting on the first of every month and ending on the 7th day. I don’t think that is much to ask a multi-billion dollar a year industry, just 7 days of peace. Now I understand that that is not really practical. Asking the entire internet to not display advertising or to do anything collectively is well improbable. Well no matter where you live there is a law that applies to all of humanity. It is “The individual shall have full protection in person and in property” The idea is as old as common law, and most advertising today violates that very principle.
Here is where you can help. The advertising model on the internet depends on two basic principles to work. One is that you have been trained properly and only look at things you are interested in. The other is, you will obey and click on only those items.
I think the obey part is over. Let’s click on everything for the first 7 days of the week. The idea is really simple, and only if you have time. You should not enter your email address into anything. For the first 7 days of the week simply search for things that don’t interest you. In the results, there will most likely be a sponsored ad section. Click on the link. Advertisers pay for those clicks and if enough people know about this, the advertisers will not show their ads the first 7 days of the week. Let your friend know it’s an open secret. Anyone young or old can participate. Tell everyone to join the anti-click brigade.
Thanks for your participation.