Cease and desist

Sample Data Broker Generic
Cease and desist letter

This letter is provided as an example and is not an official court document. We are not attorneys and please seek your own legal counsel. In no way is this letter considered legal advice.
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[Your Name
Street Address
City, State zip]
[Today’s date]
[Data Broker Name
Street Address
City, State zip]
RE: Cease and desist from [Harassing/Junk Mail/Spam/Telemarketing/Computer popup ads.]
Dear [Data Broker]:
This CEASE AND DESIST ORDER is to inform you that your persistent actions including but not limited to selling my personal information, filling my mailbox with junk mail, filling my email with spam, having criminals and others violate law and call my home phone at all hours have become unbearable. You are ORDERED TO STOP such activities immediately as they are being done in violation of the law.
I have the right to remain free from these activities as they constitute a violation of my legal right to be let alone, and I will pursue any legal remedies available to me against you if these activities continue. These remedies include but are not limited to: contacting law enforcement to obtain criminal sanctions against you, and suing you civilly for damages I have incurred as a result of your actions.
I hereby notify you in written notice that my information is my property. All former and future agreements made or expressed either directly or indirectly with any third party are hereby rescinded.
Again, you must IMMEDIATELY STOP selling my identifiable information and send me written confirmation that you will stop such activities. You risk incurring some very severe legal consequences if you fail to comply with this demand.
This letter acts as your final warning to discontinue this unwanted conduct before I pursue legal actions against you. At this time, I am not contacting the authorities or filing civil suit against you, as I hope we can resolve this matter without authoritative involvement. I am not under any circumstances, however, waiving any legal rights I have presently, or future legal remedies against you by sending you this letter. This order acts as ONE FINAL CHANCE for you to cease your illegal activities before I exercise my rights.
To ensure compliance with this letter, and to halt any legal action I may take against you, I require you to fill in and sign the attached form and mail it back to me within 10 days of your receipt of this letter. Failure to do so will act as evidence of your infringement upon my legal rights, and I will immediately seek legal avenues to remedy the situation.
[your signature]___
[your printed name]
———-Cut here for enclosure letter——————
[Data Broker Name
Street Address
City, State zip]
[Your Name
Street Address
City, State zip]
I, [insert Data Broker here] do hereby agree to stop selling my information which are in violation of [your name]’s rights. I understand that this is my final chance to cease these activities. I understand that [your name] potentially has the right to pursue legal action against me relating to my engagement in these activities, but [he/she] will not pursue those rights in contemplation of my compliance with this written demand. I further understand that [your name] has not waived [his/her] rights and may pursue legal remedies against me if I fail to abide by this agreement. I understand that this agreement is not specifically limited to the activities named herein. I will not engage in any activity now or in the future done for the purpose of selling identifiable information belonging to [your name]. I furthermore agree not to engage in any activity, regardless of its official title, that is done in violation of [your name]’s legal rights. If I fail to cease performing these activities, [your name] may pursue legal action against me in accordance [his/her] legal rights. This agreement acts as a contract between [Data Broker’s name] and [your full name]. Forbearing enforcement of legally enforceable remedies is sufficient consideration to support this agreement. This agreement represents the entire agreement between the parties. Any statements made orally, written, or otherwise which are not contained herein shall have no impact on either parties’ rights or obligations elaborated in this agreement.
Date ____________________
[Data Broker legal representative’s printed name]
[Data Broker legal representative’s signature]
STATE OF <State>, COUNTY OF <County>, ss.:
On this day, personally appeared before me
to me known to be the person(s) described in and who executed the within and foregoing instrument, and acknowledged that he/she signed the same as his/her voluntary act and deed, for the uses and purposes therein mentioned.
Witness my hand and official seal hereto affixed
this ______ day of ____________, _________.
Notary Public in and for the State of _________________.
My commission expires _______________.
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