Your child’s information is for sale.  Exact Data of Chicago and Acxiom sells children’s data to just about anyone. You can click on the image of the web advertised, and it will open the page on Exact Data’s website.
Exact gets the consumer information exclusively from  Acxiom Corporation. exact data and Acxiom sell childrens dataIf you don’t know who Acxiom is you should, it is the world’s largest data broker.  They know who you are the average person in the United States has tens of thousands of data points in the database. A database that is full of stolen information by spying and buying information never intended for any third party.
Where the information comes from varies, Acxiom gets information from many sources, state and city records, retail and loyalty card programs.  There are websites that also sell information to Acxiom and have agreements with subscription services.  Brokers regularly use terms like opt-in and public information.  both of these terms are a smokescreen for ”we stole your data, and we will do whatever we want to with it”.
So why would Anyone want to sell the names of 9-year-olds? One reason is to manipulate you into demanding government intervention.  You can understand by learning about the history of the credit system how it through regulation caused a multi-billion dollar company to invest in credit as a long-term profit center. Your name is your property. We do not need new legislation protecting brokers interest.
If your child watches Nickelodeon and uses the Viacom website or,  then it is possible you gave Acxiom your child’s name.  Viacom has a working partnership and sells information to brokers. This has been verified since Exact Data sells a list of teennick viewers.  There are many possibilities many of the children’s clubs are tricks to steal data.
The image to the right is a typical trick, nowhere on the website does it mention that your child’s information might be sold to a criminal.
Use this link to see the teenage page with more information about Viacom.
If you really don’t understand how data gets to Acxiom, you are not alone. The company works hard to stay in the shadows. The video will show you a little about the giant corporation.
If you really don’t understand how data gets to Acxiom you are not alone. The company works hard to stay in the shadows. The video will show you a little about the giant corporation.
Acxiom was not the first data broker the business has been going on for a very long time. You know of the credit reporting system those are brokers too, the difference though is that Congress gave companies through regulation the right to collect information about you. Acxiom has no right to any of your information. Your name is your property, and so are the names of your children as long as they are under 18 years of age.

Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule (“COPPA”) 16 CFR Part 312


COPPA imposes certain requirements on operators of websites or online services directed to children under 13 years of age and on operators of other websites or online services that have actual knowledge that they are collecting personal information online from a child under 13 years of age.
Broker regularly ignore this rule and collect names and other information from websites, games and apps for cell phones and tablets.

You can limit some of the information collected, by brokers right from this site. Use the Declair Your Privacy document to turn off the sharing from you loyalty cards.
So what is the danger to your child if you don’t remove their information?
Data brokers count on your inaction, the companies count on you not standing up for yourself. the industry is  willing to sell the information to anyone. Data brokers sell information to criminals all the time. One group sold social security numbers and dates of birth to a group of scammers. Identity thieves buy info from brokers also, so do pedophiles and other predators.
Mass manipulation of the population is the goal of those in marketing and in politics. While politics have for a couple of decades have severally blurred the line between serving the public and corporate influence. Marketing too with the invention of the computer systems began collecting mass amounts of information.

The social networks danger to your children

Things on social networks do not get erased. I like you made mistakes as a child, things that we forget about. Your children have the right to make mistakes, and not have them recorded and sold.
Do not allow them to enter their real names to any electronic device that connects to the internet. Encourage them to use different names on devices including your cell phone. Data brokers are hungry for as much data about everyone. if you are unfamiliar with what a Data broker is click on the video for a description of Acxiom.
There are a wide variety of brokers interested in your kids. The School may sell your child’s information in the directory.  Legally the school should notify you each year to opt-out. Most schools seem to forget about notifying or asking for permission.


Directory Information Opt-Out Form

[To your school’s principal]:
Please be informed that according to the US Department of Education, schools may specify each of the third parties with whom the school intends to share my child’s directory information (including name, email, address etc.) without my written consent.   See this: Please do so as soon as possible.
Until and unless you provide me with this list, I opt out of ANY of my child’s directory information to be disclosed to any third party, including military recruiters, without my written consent, [except for the specific purposes listed here: school yearbook, PTA, ( or other instances specific to your situation)].
Thank you for your assistance,
Name, relation to child, child’s name and grade
Your Address, Phone, Email

(Note: Please remember to keep all your records in case you need to file a complaint.)
Your data belongs to you. It is not public information no matter how it is gathered. The agreements you signed and not read are just a poor excuse by the industry to mask its actions. Nothing you did gives outside companies access to your child’s information.  Your children those under 18, are incapable to give permission to have data collected. They are unable to sign binding agreements.
One seller of your kid’s information is Exact Data in Chicago. the information about consumers comes exclusively from the Acxiom Corporation. Exact Data is the seller but Acxiom is the cultivator of the information about you and your family.

Tell Acxiom no more. Demand that they purge your data from its computers and the data on your children it is all your property. There is no excuse for data be in the hands of anyone else.
Use this link to opt out of Acxiom for you and your children
You should also send them a letter
Download the cease and desist form today and mail it to:
Acxiom Corporation
Physical Address:
601 E. Third Street
Little Rock, AR 72201
Telephone: (501) 342-1000
Mailing Address:
601 E. Third Street
PO Box 8190
Little Rock AR 72203-8190