Data broker steal your information


  • Are in the business of selling personal information.
  • Currently possess information on over 295 million Americans and sell it.
  • Currently competing with regulated industry.
  • It does not care how information is obtained.
  • Information is sold in two methods in groups ( though lists) and individually (personal portfolios)
  • You personally have the right to demand that you are removed from DATA BROKERS.
  • Brokers have no Right to the information, It is not protected by government regulation.
  • Identity Theft is a direct result of the DATA BROKER industry.
  • Opting-out does not work, your information can still be used to violate federal regulation efforts.


You Do not have to Accept that your information is for sale

Demand your information is removed Today!!!

Download the cease and desist letter yourself and mail it certified mail to the Data brokers who sell lists.  There are approximately 358 data brokers that actively sell lists with your information.
It would be advisable to contact an attorney to mail the letters for you. We will help you find an attorney if you can not find one at a reasonable price.