declaration of privacy

declaration of privacy
Privacy is not completely lost and
Your name is your property.

There are only popular myths that stand in the way of your personal privacy.
The first step in declaring your privacy is demanding it from companies that actively sell your information.
The people of the United States have waited for politicians to fix this problem for over 100 years.
Now it is your turn, demand that your information belongs to you.
It is obvious that our government is not going to fix this issue. After writing this book and doing research , I came to a troubling conclusion. 292 million people are in the databases of some very big companies and all of it is for sale.
There is not an easy way that I can tell you if your local grocery or convenience store is selling your information. You can however count on the participation of your local big chain drugstores. You can also count on credit card merchants that provide service to your local convenience store, restaurant and gas station, to sell your information every time you use your debit or credit card. It is the merchants problem to fix not yours. The companies you do business with are responsible. Simply download the form and edit it in your word processing program.
For the first part of this effort only deal with offline companies, those are the ones you visit personally. The internet and cell phones are also part of a general problem that will be addressed after local companies are corrected.
If you need help finding an address we will help. Just ask in the forum in the members section on this site.
Creating your own declaration of privacy is simple. You can create it in any word processing program. Anyone over the age of 18 can fill out this form. Minors who fill in this form, must have the signature of their parent or legal guardian, to make it admissible in court.
There are two important points, to this process.

  1.  The form is made out specifying the company name.
  2.  You mail the letter using the certified mail service available from the US Post Office.

It is simple, just state that your information is no longer to be sold. To get started just put in your email address, the documents will be sent to you in email. Be sure to check your spam or junk folder if you don’t see them.

State your declaration of privacy today!!!