It is import to use the Post Office and send notices using certified mail and a return receipt.

This is the preferred method and legally acceptable form of communication that the courts recognize. It commands authority and is proof that someone sent something to another party.
Always make copies of anything that is mailed. Make a folder and save copies of paper correspondence that includes receipts from the post office.
The following example letter should be checked by your own legal counsel before mailing it to everyone that you do business with.

These forms are for example only they may not be legally acceptable in your jurisdiction.

Sample Cover Letter Click to download
Sample Third party release form Click to download
Take the information from the Third party release form mailed back to you and send the first form to the address listed. Most people only deal with a limited number of companies. Start slow with your utilities, grocery store and the banks that you do business with. The companies on the internet that house our information are a bit trickier than the public utilities. Many of them hide their address and contact information. Owners of any website can be found. Post any questions that you may have to the forum