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Enough is Enough
I watched the internet evolve; I witnessed unparalleled innovation and creativity with a leveling of sorts. The story of the individual making a difference for humanity is what the net is all about. It was why Tim Berners-Lee left his creation it to the world. Equally common people now have a platform, and ability to share with others, though the vision of Zuckerberg. After the invention of Facebook countless other services came on line. It created the platform and a movement for the world to follow.
The internet is a multifaceted tool that is being hijacked for self-interest. Large corporations and government are using the platform to spy on the populations in mass scale. These companies claim that they collect your actions for simple advertising. It is far from that, control and manipulation of the public is afoot. Did you know you have a psudo-credit score? For a few dollars anyone can purchase where you went in your car. It doesn’t need to be this way. I have a plan that will work.
Within the digital age the actions of millions of people are captured, cataloged and housed into databases. The information is then sold to the highest bidder. Many of the companies that do this are hidden in the shadows.  Since the invention of the World Wide Web more players have appeared. The positive aspect of this development is that it publicized a practice that in reality is decades old.  These new players and the very old ones use your personal details against you in a never ending form of profit.  The staggering personal details collected on each one of us needs to be vanquished.
These companies don’t care about you. The only interest there is, is based around a one hundred –billion dollar industry that is growing.  There are not 100 billion grains of sand on planet earth if you would like a comparison. You have become a commodity without your consent or compensation.
This Site is a Meeting Place
It is time to turn the tables on those, that are invested in spying on our lives.
The goals of this endeavor will be to point out who is collecting information and who is storing it. You can help.  For years the mailing list industries have been compiling lists. The practice has carried over to computers and databases.  The very same companies teamed up with the credit reporting industry to blossom into a wide variety of new fields and specialty’s. Big Data and Analytics are now the buzz words to describe how to leverage you and your data.
It will provide usable information what you can do to assist in the efforts getting our information out of the hands of the data brokers and spies among our daily lives.  The companies using our stolen data are all around us. Those within politics depend on it for being elected to office. Everywhere we turn some new form of collecting our actions is taking place.
You can help
Let us know what you can do to help. Please fill out the form below. No we are not going to sell your email address.  We will contact you when the time is right to take action. If you are curious and want to learn more, please read the book “A Right to Property”.
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