Police information for sale

Attention Police officers

No one outside of your occupation can understand the dangers you face daily. Organized criminal gangs, drug cartels, and suicide by cop can be daily threats to your own existence.
Data brokers are companies that sell information and are selling where you live. There are lots of data brokers but only a few that are willing to sell where a member of the police lives outright.
Some of the companies that sell security supplies and equipment also are in the list business. Lists sellers are companies that collect information and sell it. Your name is your property, it does not belong to anyone else and is not public information.
If you are a member of the government, you should understand by now the Constitutional restrictions of your job as it applies to the general public. Public information or publicly disclosable information is a governmental term. Outside of government, the terms have no meaning.

There is a game being played and you are just a pawn.

Acxiom (newer name Liveramp) is behind the data about you being sold on you on the internet. It hides its actions simply over its own greed and manipulative nature.
The frontman for its assault is Larry Organ and his company Exact Data. Both of the places on the internet opening selling police home addresses are owned by Larry Organ.

Besides just being a jerk,  the long-range goal of the information held by these companies is that regulation will be passed by politicians. 60 minutes the did a story on data brokers to foster support for getting a new law written. The idea is that enough people are upset about information being sold, the regulation would legitimize the practice of collecting and selling information.
As you are aware information from brokers is not public information. There is very little that is public and your personal details are not.

What You Can Do

Click here for the Acxiom  Opt out page
If you know anyone that works in Chicago have them look him up. I am sure he would love a visit. Exact Data gets its information about consumers from Acxiom.
Download the cease and desist form today and mail it to:
Acxiom Corporation
Physical Address:
601 E. Third Street
Little Rock, AR 72201
Telephone: (501) 342-1000
Mailing Address:
601 E. Third Street
PO Box 8190
Little Rock AR 72203-8190


Civil Action

We are looking into counsel for you. If you are interested please send us a note through the form below.