Post flyers

Thank you for your interest and getting involved.
Letting People know what data brokers are doing is very important. The only way we will change anything is to have the backing of many people.  Here is a flyer that can be posted on bulletin boards.
The plan is getting a large number of officers and military data brokers treasonpersonal knowing what is going on. I have made it easy for them to contact me if they have questions.
The flyer can be printed correctly on most color printers. It is arranged so each page is actually 2 posts.
Some of the places that have boards are:
Panera Bread
Your local grocery store
Some hardware stores and town halls have public places to post notices.
Whole foods have a bulletin board but the organization is weird. Don’t take offence if they won’t allow you to place it on their boards.
Good luck
And thank you