Your Name is Your Property

Your Name is Your Property

How could it be owned by anyone else? It can’t. There are only three possible reasons for brokers to have your information. brokers steal informationYou gave someone your information and it was misused, and it got sent to a broker,  or it was taken from spyware on a device you own, or it came from government records.
Our government maintains open and free access to information. As with other public works your records are there for everyone to examine, just like the flowers in a public park. Thus, information brokers argue that if your personal information is accessible from government websites, then they should be able to access it too as well as to share it with others for profit. However, we don’t allow florists to harvest flowers from our public parks and at the very least the police and court system would get involved. Information brokers, on the other hand, take advantage of gaps in current policy and a growing sense of helplessness that our online privacy is no longer our personal property.  But wait, it is our property!
You might wonder why our political system of law doesn’t protect our information. Two of the largest information brokers control two different systems. Experian, the powerhouse credit reporting company, controls information about credit ratings in the United States. It is the oldest broker, and its actions were partially responsible for most of the federal credit reform acts written into law. The other broker is Acxiom Corporation, and it controls Congress and the executives at almost all of the top corporations in the country along with the major bureaucrats and politicians.
To understand what is collected what is in the database think of everything electronic, everything and anything you have bought, the location time and date of every single purchase. Every website you have visited and some of your other communications text and email and of course the things you have posted on social networks.
Information is power.  In the 20th century, J Edgar Hoover served as director of the FBI for 48 years and under eight presidents from Calvin Coolidge to Richard Nixon.  His files were his power, he kept tabs on politicians using the FBI and its agents.  His reign made clear the power of obtaining personal information, even over our most senior officials and powerful citizens.  In the 21st century, it is Acxiom, who has amassed files containing the online personal information of most Americans. Some noteworthy efforts have been made to call attention to this threat.  For instance, 60 Minutes ran a story about Data Brokers Aug 24, 2014; see also that touched on this matter. However, they made only made mere mention of the data-brokering companies involved and offered little in-depth reporting of their activities.
I can understand that concerns expressed here can seem excessive and even political. But consider that data brokers are relying on our sense of trust and disbelief when any of us questions what has seemed to be accepted practice in the marketplace or our transactions with governmental agencies.  Instead, consider that there are instances where policies are not keeping up with our technology, putting us all at greater risk of losing our privacy and ownership of something as basic as our online personal information.  If you have any doubts about the efforts of information brokers like Acxiom, then please take the time to view the link offering an interview with the
former CEO of Acxiom explaining his company’s view of privacy and regulation. It candidly reveals what those in power have long known about access to our online personal information and how it can be exploited for profit.
Brokers claim there are 2 reasons they have your information.

  1. It is public information (it isn’t public)
  2. You gave permission though some agreement.

Undo The Agreement.

You can start by using the opt-out links provided.  You should also send a letter to each company demanding that your information is removed and no longer be sold. It may help when sending companies’ information to include any documentation you may have from any form of government including the court system or police. It is not a requirement only a suggestion.
The three Credit reporting companies that are a regulated industry, thus they are granted privilege to collect name information that is protected and heavily regulated. These companies also are engaged in selling a wide range of “products”.  The mainstays are unreliable criminal reports used in pre- employment and in the insurance industry.
TransUnion is one of the most dangerous companies to you personally.
It sells where you go in your car though the use of its vehicle sighting program.  vehicle sightings transunionAnyone can track where you go in your car. There are other pages on the internet about vehicle tracking or LPS. What matter to you is that your movements are for sale.
There are colossal and minuscule companies selling your information.  A few of the small operators consist of a website with a single owner and no employees.   Small players get information from one or more very large carriers.  If you remove your information from the large carrier, it also goes away from the small operator.
The following list contains many of the operators of larger companies that sell information. Included are what would be called medium size players that also have localized data.  It is data that has been collected about you and your activities.
There are some steps you will need to follow to get your information off the internet and out of the major databases.  Many of the so-called businesses are operated by extremely slimy individuals.  There are several types of organizations, large multi-billion companies, and little one person operations.
30378514_s“Data broker” is the term used for any company that just sells information. The credit industry was the first in the data business. It is really no different from the smaller operators. Just think of a common street hustler with a computer and all of your personal information.
Major companies have two basic business streams to eliminate your information from their database will take some effort however it is possible.  The four credit bureau have collaborated to offer pre-credit screening. Use this link to opt out of it. This will keep third parties in the banking industry and some other brokers from getting your home address.
Additionally, there are separate opt-out links for marketing information and most require sending a letter to opt out of other information being sold.  There are a large number of so-called services that they market outside of marketing. To remove yourself from some of the smaller ones it may also be necessary to contact them by mail.
Marketing is the lie that has been spread through the nation. The opt-out links are only for marketing information. Background assessment and other services are not affected by opt-out links by the credit companies or any of the others.
Direct Marketing Association
The Direct Marketing Association is a trade and lobbying organization. It also runs Direct Voice, The political action committee. So far in 2016 according to opensecrets, it has contributed 20 thousand dollars to politicians.
It operates a website that offers to block mail and emails of its membership. The link is  of the list brokers shown on this site only 30 percent are members of the association.  Many of these are small operators that have old and incorrect data.
The link will allow to you opt out of only some marketing offers
To remove yourself from the other services, you will need to send them two letters. You can use the  Transunion cease and desist letter or create your own.
555 W Adams St
Chicago, IL 606613614
You might also want to send copy of the letter to
TransUnion Name Removal Option
P.O. Box 505
Woodlyn, PA 19094experian2
The link below has several other links that require individual action
To remove yourself from the other services, you will need to send them a letter. You can use the Experian cease and desist letter or create your own.
Mailing Address
PO Box 4500
Allen, TX 75013
It does not provide an opt-out link you must send them a letter. You and compose your own or use the Equifax Cease and Desist letter.
Use this a link on the company website for more information.
Mailing address
Equifax Information Services, LLC
P.O. Box 740123
Atlanta, GA 30374-0123
Offers some  links on its website
To remove yourself from the other services, you will need to send them a letter. You can compose your own or use the Innovis cease and desist letter
250 E Broad St
Columbus, OH 43215

The next three are not regulated and
have no right to any of your information.

Regulation in the United States only places limits on the disclosure particular types and uses. This is the problem with regulation, and I have a chapter in my book that talks about it in detail.  Your name is your property any information attached to your name or your identity is your information. There are two Augments that broker use to keep information.

  • Claim to have it by agreement with no termination.
  • Claim it is publicly disclosable or public information. Publicly disclosable information comes from government records. The term only applies to governmentally held information. As soon as the information travels outside of government, it becomes private property. Your property is not anyone else’s.

Each of the followings are large corporations and will require using opting out links and sending them a termination letter. These are the biggest providers of smaller organizations on the internet. There are over 200 confirmed websites that get information directly from these. It is suggested that you also send a letter to each of them. You can compose your own letter or use the ceases and desist letter.
platesPractically all websites on the internet selling information have agreements with the next three data brokers.
It provides an opt-out link only for some marketing products.
You may wish to send them two letters one to each address.

601 E. Third Street
Little Rock, AR 72201
& Acxiom
PO Box 8190
Little Rock AR 72203-8190

It provides an opt-out link only for some marketing products.
201 Mission Street, 26th Floor
San Francisco,  CA  94105
Dallas 6021 Connection Drive
Irving, TX 75039
Most of the internet brokers get the information from the companies listed above.  The rest of these have individual collections of information. Each must be contacted and each has different rules for opting out of the services.  The information about you is not anyone’s property but yours.  It is advisable to mail them a ceases and desist letter.
Be prepared with a scanned copy of your driver’s license. (You can take a picture of it with your cell phone and email it to yourself) if you don’t have a scanner.
Offers an opt out link
It also allows you to fax or mail a copy of your driver’s license, sending them a cesea nd desit letter may reduce the time it take to get you information off of the website.
Fax a copy of your identification to (425)974-6194
Or Mail a copy of your identification to
Intelius Consumer Affairs
P.O. Box 4145
Bellevue, WA 98009-4145
Zabasearch & PeopleLookup are also websites that sell personal information and are operated by Intelius (above) and claim that it contains no information on its own. It is as misleading as the data that is sold.
Here is the opt out link for peoplelookup
360 W 4800 N
Provo, UT 84604
US Search
US Search
PO BOX 4145
Bellevue, WA 98009-4145
It also has corporate offices
US Search, LLC
600 Corporate Pointe, Suite 220
Culver City, California 90230
The following companies represent internet trolling. These are websites that scrape and steal information from other servers and sell it on its own. May of them expect you to find your own record and delete it. Unfortunately you may find that information comes back. Having it suppress your information is its responsibility not yours.  Send them a letter demanding that your information be forever restricted.
1821 Q Street
Sacramento, CA 95811
USA People Search
25 W 43Rd St Fl 16
New York, New York 10036-7410
It is a very small company that has no op out link on the internet. According to its webpage you have to contact them by mail
Po box 110850
Naples. Fl 34108
White Pages
WhitePages, Inc.
1301 5th Avenue
It operates over 10 different websites and requires calling to remove yourself. The number to call is 1-888-704-1900. They are open 24 hours per day
588 Sutter St. #140
San Francisco, CA 94102
556 S. Fair Oaks Ave. Ste. 101-179
Pasadena, CA 91105
Owns and operates a service ( to control how information is shared on a very small part of the internet.
555 Twin Dolphin Drive
Suite 200
Redwood City California 94065
831 Beacon St
Newton Centre, MA 02459
307 5th Avenue – 16th Floor
New York, NY 10016
379 Park Ave S
New York, NY 10016
It provides as a downloadable form to be filled out and mailed back. Send them a copy of the cease and Desist letter as well.

Click to access optout-form.pdf

P.O. Box 110850
Naples, FL 34108
Please let me know if you would like to join in a lawsuit against any of the above. or just send me a note about what you think.