Being an author is a lot of work.  One of the biggest lessons I had to learn is how to create a brand. This is missed by most authors.  It is indeed a long process and a step not to be missed. I would like to personally thank Greenleaf publishing.  I went to the Author Summit Greenleaf holds two years ago and absorbed as much as I could about the book industry. If you are a budding author I would highly suggest that you go to their conference it is well worth it.

One of the key things I learned, was the creation process is only part of the story.  Fortunately, I know many people who are in the arts and constantly learn vicariously from them as well. The similarities within all art forms all revolve in our society center around promoting the creation.  That is if you want to be successful, in what you are doing.

extortionware Extortionware was originally released one year ago. It was my first book and the process taught me many things about the publishing industry. It is available now in 260 countries in paperback and in every e-book format.  As of this writing it has sold more copies than most first time authors achieve in a lifetime. It is available on my website along with practically every bookseller on the internet.  For a limited time it is available on Amazon kindle edition for 2.99.a right to property

 A Right to Property examines the ownership of our personal information.  It also examines the mishandling of our information within our government. It also includes a plan of action, that is simple and direct that the average citizen can participate in. This was is my first non-fiction title.

All of my books are self-published; as a result, some of the logos and things that come from the traditional industry were missing.  That is why I created the DIY (do-it-yourself) logo. I searched in vain for a logo created by someone else.  do it yourself publishingThis is the publishing logo I use on my book jackets. I am offering it free to anyone that needs a logo the full-size image in pdf format and available here.

Feel free to use the logo on any of your projects. The only thing I ask is if your work is really awful do not give me credit for creating it.