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Many are not surprised by the revelations that Facebook violated anyone’s trust. You may not be on the system, or even have an account, but it attempts to track everyone. Web tracking is an older phenomenon and I am sorry if I did not bring it to your attention sooner.

Over the last couple of weeks I have read countless articles blaming users, stating in more than one article that gullibility was to blame. Most of those that spout such comments generally are vested in the use of “marketing information”.  News organizations are some of the worst offenders, once you install Disconnect you will understand why. 

Each time I run into someone new and discuss personal security issues, they often will bring up being spooked by something they had only discussed near their telephone. While it has not happened to me, in the last month at least 20 people have said the same thing; all had Facebook messenger installed on their cell phones. There are many videos on Youtube about this and people all over the country are not crazy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0SOxb_Lfps

Cambridge Analytica has made the news for the supposed taking of mass amounts of data from Facebook. I don’t believe that what is being put in the news and I also understand what has been collected about you, has anything to do with what you may have posted.  Thus the #deletefacebook movement is still going strong.

For a very long time data about you has been stolen, many of your habits, interests and tastes were taken from credit card purchasing data. Spyware collected what you did online and offline, timing how long the computer had programs open, the names of the files that were created, copied or deleted.  

While spyware still exists, it has been replaced for the most part by tracking your online activity.  The information about where you browse and what look at is done by organizations inside and outside of the United States. Most marketing information is stolen, taken without knowledge or permission of the person identified.

You don’t have to put up with being tracked that is why I created the PDF. All of the programs mentioned in the PDF I use, with the exception of blur.

The logical next step after blocking, is removing the ability to sell information about you. I am working on creating a Do it yourself program and a service for providing canceling permissions of selling your information. If you would be interested in this please send me a note, i like to hear from you.