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Being spooked by your own devices is not ok.The sanctuary of our homes is being invaded by companies that sell what we do and it not just what you do online. Children’s information is for sale. Anyone can the buy the name, address, and phone number of the children in your neighborhood. The same companies that bring us spam, harassing telephone calls and junk mail are now endangering our children. You don’t have to put up with any of it there are things you can do. Trip Elix exposes the abuses of those that are using big data to threaten our lives and are the direct causes of Identity theft for millions.

These are all common questions no worries I don't use scripts and think on my feet and I keep the audience entertained and involved, and like question and answer sessions.

Learn the secrets that the hackers use to live under the radar……
Who is tracking us and why, it is not only our own government…….
What is the two sides of privacy any why anyone should care
Why privacy isn’t about hiding anything and how apathy can make you a victim…
What’s the first sign that your personal and private info is at risk?
Learn which data intrusions put you at most risk
What is a data pimp?
what truly happens when your kids’ info is stolen or misused?
Who’s most at risk for being dangerously hacked?
When it comes to identity theft, data breaches and nefarious hacking…
Are certain people more at risk than others?
How did you get into this unusual specialty?
Is it safe to trust a black hat?

Are government agencies, our leaders, America’s infrastructure, the corporate world doing anything to protect us?
What’s the single most effective thing people can do to protect themselves?
How are today’s young people, particularly endangered?
What’s the difference between being vigilant vs. being paranoid?
What do you think of those loyalty cards given out by everyone from gas stations to casinos?

Not all hackers are bad people

How can you stop companies from selling your info?
Is there any benefit to having your info out there and so readily accessible?
Why do you say that hackers are actually protecting us?
Tell me the most disturbing things i probably do not know … but should
what unwise chances so people take with their personal data?
What about our kids who go online? What unwise choices are they making?
Will all this only get worse?
How might advertising be related to data thievery and cyber insecurity?
What would you say to someone who insists: “well, this is something we just have to live with” ??
How is AI going to affect us?