A warning to advocates and targeting individual actions

Our democracy has dissent at its core.  Those that advocate opinions that are at odds to the status quo are essential to our way of life. Civil rights, gun rights, tax policy, pollution, global warming, abortion rights and gay rights, just to name a few, all have
advocates. No matter what your opinion is on any subject large corporations are tracking your information.

A few years ago the media glossed over the implications of the IRS targeting individuals belonging to conservative groups.  What wasn’t talked about however was how the IRS identified the individuals. Do you really believe that the director of the IRS called up the director of the FBI or NSA and asked who was in the tea party? Group membership or religion is not on your 1040, nor is it in the census form.  The obvious source of that information was an outside interest.1967b

It certainly not the first instance of our government targeting a group with bias. The FBI had targeted groups in the 1970’s. A theft of records resulted in the exposure of some of the FBI’s most self-incriminating documents, including several documents detailing the FBI’s use of postal workers and switchboard operators, in order to spy on black college students and various non-violent black activist groups.  Those documents were leaked to various newspapers long before the inception of the internet.

J Edgar Hoover was instrumental in founding the FBI and was its director until his death in 1972. The files that he kept on politicians and private citizens kept him in power through both Democratic and Republican administrations. His records became synonymous with the power he welded and had little if any successful political opposition.

Today Axiom and a few others are collecting and cataloging who is in what group. The information collected and sold to politicians is used for policy and writing laws in congress. Governor Terry McAuliffe was interviewed by the PBS production company Frontline for its documentary “The Persuaders”. In it the then Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, was quoted as stating in reference to the political power of Acxiom and data in 2004.

“If I want to sit at my desk and pull up on my screen the state of Ohio  and say who in Ohio is going to say that Education is the number one thing they are going to vote on, six seconds later 1.2 million names will pop up, I then can press buttons to do telemarketing to them send emails to them immediately,  send direct mail to immediately  or actually send someone to their door to talk to them.”

Acxiom was founded as demographics a mailing list for Democratic Party. It out grew the name many years ago, the word that you know actually comes from the company name.  Today Advocates or just voicing an opinion are on social networks help form the basis for credit worthiness, and insurance rates.
These are a direct assault to our liberty and represent a threat to our freedom of speech in its core.

Anyone can buy and use the information gathered by any of these organizations. The collection and uses of your information far exceeds the simple inventory levels, it really isn’t just for marketing anymore.  Prices for services, cellular and cable are now tied to credit scores. So are insurancearindambanerjee rates and interest rates from banks for cars and home purchases.  As society accepts repercussions of actions as a norm, it will begin to adhere to the manipulative principles of large organizations curtailing public criticism.

There are many ways that your name may be associated with an advocacy group. Some might simply get a group list from a social network.  Cell phone applications that use GPS coordinate to associate where you are. Facebook tags location data and events it knows about on its website. Other applications that use cell phone information regularly sell geo location data. Each protest or gathering dictates millions of dollars invested in figuring out who was in attendance.

No one has the right to sell your information or associate you with anything or anyone else. Your name is your property.  I offer a website to start the removal of your information from many of these third parties. http://itsmyinfo.org

Listed below are a few groups and counts offered by list brokers


Civil Rights Activists 141,652
Family Values Activists 338,521
Freedom of Speech Activists 81,537
Immigration Reform Activists 26,293
Tea Party Activists  918,661
Women’s Birth Rights Activists 147,920
Environmental Issues Activists 15,835,976
Pro Life Activists 61,834
Feminist Causes 962,048
Citizens United Activists 197,089
Animal Welfare Activists  10,730,478
Union Members and Political Activists 27,398,226



Acxiom also sell lists of people who have attended a political rally, speech, or organized protest of any kind. Full details are available for each of them for less than a dollar.

State postal email phone
Alabama 11,545 1,039 1,963
Alaska 57,850 5,207 9,835
Arizona 43,031 3,873 7,315
Arkansas 58,040 5,224 9,867
California 751,661 67,650 127,782
Colorado 66,424 5,978 11,292
Connecticut 99,528 8,958 16,920
Delaware 30,206 2,719 5,135
District of Columbia 11,617 1,046 1,975
Florida 417,215 37,549 70,927
Georgia 189,694 17,072 32,248
Hawaii 16,538 1,488 2,811
Idaho 53,705 4,833 9,130
Illinois 23,556 2,120 4,004
Indiana 205,213 18,469 34,886
Iowa1 13,136 10,182 19,233
Kansas 37,637 3,387 6,398
Kentucky 84,902 7,641 14,433
Louisiana 75,414 6,7871 2,820
Maine 266,0332 3,943 45,226
Maryland 191,580 17,242 32,569
Massachusetts 32,081 2,887 5,454
Michigan 217,080 19,537 36,904
Minnesota 83,172 7,485 14,139
Mississippi 73,970 6,657 12,575
Missouri 52,847 4,756 8,984
Montana 21,993 1,979 3,739
Nebraska 242,059 21,785 41,150
Nevada 14,215 1,279 2,417
New Hampshire 28,397 2,556 4,828
New Jersey 32,954 2,966 5,602
New Mexico 178,753 16,088 30,388
New York 22,797 2,052 3,875
North Carolina 38,27 93,445 6,507
North Dakota 571,526 51,437 97,159
Ohio 257,951 23,216 43,852
Oklahoma 35,940 3,235 6,110
Oregon 54,458 4,901 9,258
Pennsylvania 270,289 24,326 45,949
Rhode Island 29,357 2,642 4,991
South Carolina 51,275 4,615 8,717
South Dakota 13,053 1,175 2,219
Tennessee 130,915 11,782 22,256
Texas 468,019 42,122 79,563
Utah 24,376 2,194 4,144
Vermont 252,923 22,763 42,997
Virginia 14,645 1,318 2,490
Washington 146,859 13,217 24,966
West Virginia 97,406 8,767 16,559
Wisconsin 39,903 3,591 6,784
Wyoming 11,561 1,040 1,965