Scammers In The Job Market

Many people looking for work fall victim to identity theft every day. The FBI has a great page of  information on the hottest scams ravaging the countryside. They classify many of these as common types. But while our country emerges from a stagnate economy and the job market slowly expands scammers have a new crop of victims.

Being in the job market is stressful; many forget that scammers and identity thieves pick on job seekers because they are vulnerable many times with their guard down. Things to look for are people asking the wrong questions, it is not immoral or illegal to ask for your date of birth or the last four digits of your social security number. Those with your name are the keys however to the most commonly asked questions by credit card, cable and cellular companies to secure your account.

Recently I was contacted by a recruiter that was asking for that very information.

Job id: (3524679)
Client: undisclosed
Candidate Name :
Candidate phone number:
Candidate Location:
Work Auth:
Face to face Availability:
Last 4 digit of SSN


The person I was talking to was from India, where the average rate of pay for an hour in manufacturing is 1.47 while in the United States it is well over 20. I did figure out who the company was and did ask if the job was a legitimate inquiry. I was advised that the job did exist however the company that contacted me did not have an employee by the name of the person I talked to and the company email account that sent me the email was deleted shortly after as well.

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